Science Publication

While these are periodicals, TNSF's Science Publications Unit produces books on a variety of themes. The book, Anuvilirindu Aagayam Varai, a collection of essays published in 1993, was once adjudged `Best popular science book in Tamil' and has since been named as a textbook by two universities in the state for their undergraduate studies in Tamil, in the technical communication component. Some recent titles follow, which give an idea of the range of interests of TNSF: The bicycle (illustrating science in everyday life), on banned medicines and drugs that ought to be banned (a discussion on drug policy), United We Sit (a handbook for savings groups) … So far, more than a hundred titles have been published.

A form of mass communication that TNSF has extensively used is that of street theatre. This form, with songs, skits and dance drama, has proved to be extremely attractive among the people, particularly in rural areas. TNSF has a collection of street plays on cholera (emphasizing oral rehydration therapy), blood donation, pollution, children's education, gender discrimination, and so on. Apart from these, TNSF organizes, from time to time, slide shows and video shows with themes like `Cosmos', `Evolution', `Health Care', `Nuclear Weapons', `Beyond Savings`, `Use of Pesticides', etc. The last named was produced by the TNSF.